International Conference (Online) on Multidisciplinary Facets for Development of Health Laws

FROM 16 Jul 2021 TO 17 Jul 2021

Venue : online @ 10:00 AM

About School of Law

School of Law started in year 2014 has grown in leaps and bounds and have a strength of 700+ students at present.  The Manipal University Jaipur forayed into the field of legal education by introducing Integrated BALLB (Hons), BBALLB(Hons), Bachelor of Law (LLB), Master of Law (LLM), and PhD programs in study. As an institution of Excellence School of Law is dedicated to fostering and inculcating the intellectual and ethical values in the students.  The School of Law is committed to the evolution of law as an instrument of social change, efforts are being made to expose students to practical realities. The teaching methods adopted for the programs offered involve lectures, discussions, case studies, Moot Courts and project work that will facilitate students to promote multi-disciplinary inquiry and practical appreciation of problems.   The School is approved by BAR Council of India. 

About Bio Forensics Research Center, Italy  

Bio Forensics Research Center was born with the goal to produce scientific activities in the forensic biology field. An important part of the research task will focus on the detection of the biological evidence and on the developments of protocols and new methodology in order to improve the identification and the collection of the evidence. Bio Forensics Research Center started already the procedure for partnership with many universities, Italians and internationals. The aims of the research center are to improve the scientific support to the Justice system.

Themes & Sub-Themes 

  1. Medical Ethics in times of Pandemic
    • The role of legal rules (hard-law and soft-law) 
    • The role of scientific experts and committees 
    • Informed consent and pandemic (i.e. health care choices, vaccination, off-label drugs, clinical trials) 
    • Legal and ethical issues of medical responsibility and medical malpractice 
    • Palliative care 
    • Ethical and legal decisions and limited resources 
    • Euthanasia and assisted suicide 
    • Medical decision-making capacity, substituted judgment and end of life decisions
  2. Relations Between Forensic Science and Judicial Process in Comparative Jurisdictions
    • Evidentiary Value of DNA in Legal System
    • Challenges in respect of Forensic Analysis
    • Role of DNA in profiling Criminal Justice System: Myths, Realities and Proposed Road Map.
    • Jurisprudence of Forensic Science: Evolution, Practice and Future
    • Methods of DNA extraction and reliability of reports as evidence: Critical Legislative and Judicial Study.
    • DNA Extraction and Rights of Accused: Unfolding the principles of Fair Trial.
    • Constitutional Rights of Accused in Comparative Jurisdictions
    • Trial by Media v Right to Fair Trial
    • Right to Effective Representation & Legal Aid
    • Rights Against Self Incrimination Under Constitution
    • Rights of Under-Trial Prisoners under Constitution
  3. The Impact of Social Disparities on Responses to COVID-19
    • The COVID-19 crisis as an opportunity for progressive social politics
    • Pandemic! - disease and conspiracy theories
    • The politics of social distancing
    • The political implications of governmental responses to the pandemic; government control of coronavirus data; exclusivist national stockpiling of COVID-19 treatments
    • Disaster Capitalism: The pandemic as both disruptor and accelerant of neoliberal normality
    • Virtual liberty? Lockdown existence and the triumph of networked society
    • Dying for capitalism: The trade-off between commercial and public health
    • Policing the pandemic: Authoritarianism and security; poverty and/as disease; pandemic masculinities
    • Planet or people first? Environmentalism in a time of pandemic
  4. Consumer Protection and Consumer Advocacy During the Pandemic
    • Insurance in Transition: Plotting A Course in A Chaotic World for protection of consumer rights
    • The Global Governance of Online Consumer Protection and E-commerce
    • The challenge of protecting consumers from unsafe products
    • Contemporary Issues & Challenges to Consumer Policy in The Digital Age

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    Last Date of Full Paper Submission: 30 June 2021

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