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Director, Admissions, Manipal University Jaipur, Dehmi Kalan, Off Jaipur-Ajmer Expressway, Jaipur, Rajasthan

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Director, Admissions, Manipal University Jaipur, Dehmi Kalan, Off Jaipur-Ajmer Expressway, Jaipur, Rajasthan

1800 1020 128 (toll free)




Bachelor’s in Fine Arts (Applied Art) is intended to connect institutions & industries with the masses in an effective way. It is an intensive and creative program to serve as an effective educational platform for students to ignite the innovative passion in them and develop them for a highly creative job oriented career.

The Bachelor of Fine Arts course has been devised for young minds which have a knack for creativity. Specializing in a BFA degree at Manipal University Jaipur, Rajasthan, one of the best colleges for fine arts in Jaipur, will help students refine their skills and expand their creative instincts. As a part of the BFA course, you will learn of classic as well as contemporary creative styles while getting to discover your area of expertise.

The four year programme leading to award of B.F.A (Applied Art) degree apart from providing professional training of global standards  also provides learners with non- academic benefits such as promoting self-esteem, motivation, aesthetic awareness, cultural exposure, creativity, improved emotional expression, as well as social harmony and appreciation of diversity.

Apart from the above, students will also get to establish important connections and discover promising career prospects across various industries over the course of their BFA degree. 



  • To promote advance learning and professional competence in the field of design including Advertising, Web Designing, Animation and Media
  • To explore the innovative technologies of design and their applications to connect institutions & industries with the masses in an effective way
  • To achieve international standards of excellence in education & research in Applied Art.



  • No Candidate, with less than 50% marks in aggregate, shall be admitted to this course unless he/she has passed an examination at the end of the new 10+2 scheme of Senior School Certificate Examination or Equivalent
  • Any Public School/Board/University Examination in India or in Foreign countries recognised by the Association of Indian Universities as equivalent to 10+2 system
  • International Baccalaureate Diploma after 10 Years of Schooling, with not less than 50% marks in aggregate.



Professionals in Applied Art can work as Artists/Designers in following areas:

  • Animation
  • Advertising Companies
  • Graphic design
  • Clothing Industry
  • Illustrators
  • Digital Media houses
  • Fashion Houses
  • Magazines
  • Product design
  • Jewelry design
  • Logo design
  • Publishing Houses
  • Media planners
  • Software Companies
  • Productions Houses
  • Script writer/ copy writers, etc.

They can also pursue Masters / Post Graduation in different creative subjects, such as illustration, visualization, product design, film making, animation, photography, art conservation, arts management, history of art, art therapy etc., according to their portfolio and aptitude.



  • World class infrastructure: Well-illuminated and Air-conditioned classrooms, academic and hostel buildings with ample moving space for the students
  • Advanced Laboratories & Studio: Well-equipped Photography Lab, Computer Lab, Workshops, Animation Studio, & Visual Communication Studio with world class facilities. The design studios on campus offer ample opportunity to students to experiment and innovate, while the laboratories provide hi-technology work areas covering real-time aspects of the industry
  • Library: A well illuminated ample space for readers at Central library and Faculty library with a huge collection of books and periodicals
  • Art Gallery & Exhibition Hall: The Department houses a spacious Art Gallery & an Exhibition Hall that serve as perfect meeting grounds for exhibitions, academic displays,  presentations, and interaction
  • Workshops & Guest Lectures: Various workshops, guest lectures, demonstrations by professionals, industrial visits & study tours are organized from time to time to motivate & enhance the knowledge & exposure of the budding designers
  • Motivation and team spirit: Group assignments and competitions at university, college, school & department level to inculcate team spirit in budding design professionals. Open forums and group discussions to equip students with concept of sharing their viewpoint
  • Audio Visual aids: Use of all interactive modules like videos and presentations and visually attractive methods of teaching.



Indian Nationals: Admissions are done on the basis of marks obtained in the qualifying examination and there is no entrance test.

Foreign / NRI Candidates: As per the AICTE regulations, 5% of the total seats are reserved for foreign / NRI category. Under this category, MUJ admits NRI sponsored students whose parents, blood relatives or parents’ family can sponsor. Sponsors are required to submit a Notarised Affidavit stating their relationship with the candidate. Payment is to be made in US Dollars from the sponsor’s bank account.



E-Portfolio of Applied Art


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Click Here  to download Program and Course Outcomes - B.Des Fine Arts for AY 2018-19

Click Here  to download Program and Course Outcomes - B.Des Fine Arts for AY 2019-20

While pursuing Bachelor of Fine Arts, students will deal with the elementary aspects of communication skills in order to perfect their own. BA Fine Arts will also aid in cultivating creative and critical thinking capabilities in them, thus improving their communicative competence. Teaching students to express their ideas with clarity and confidence, both through speech and writing, is among the many aims of the BFA course.

Course Outcomes – With the completion of their BFA degrees, students will be equipped to: -

  • Assess communication as a process with more awareness
  • Exhibit improved competence in oral and written communication
  • Utilize appropriate communication skills in specific contexts and for specific purposes
  • Expound meaningful group communication exchanges
  • Create ideas with precision and consistency in writing   

Program Outcomes

As a well-rounded foundation course, Bachelor of Fine Arts teaches the students a lot more than standard design concepts. As a part of their BFA course, they perfect -

Critical Thinking: Distinguish between the assumptions framing our thoughts and actions, evaluate their validity and accurateness, criticize them from all possible perspectives and then take action based on the information thus gathered.

Effective Communication: Learn to communicate (listen, read, write and speak) through electronic media and self, both in English and one Indian language. Connect books, people, ideas, technology and media to draw meaning out of the world.

Social Interaction: Obtain views from different individuals in a group setting, resolve disagreements and help reach the right conclusions.

Effective Citizenship: Establish compassionate social concern and act guided by an informed awareness of issues alongside making voluntary participation in civic life to contribute to positive national development.

Ethics: Identify different value systems including one’s own, comprehend moral dimensions of decisions taken and acknowledge one’s responsibility for them.

Environment and Sustainability: Recognize the problems associated with environment and sustainable development.

Self-directed and Life-long Learning: Attain the capability to involve oneself in independent and long-term learning in the broadest sense with respect to socio technological changes.


Program-specific Outcomes

Exclusive outcomes of BA Fine Arts at MUJ, the best university in Jaipur, include –

  • Illustrating the nature and principal concepts of Design in Commercial Art. 
  • Studying the relationships between consumer and design by understanding the existing psychology, circumstance and needs of society. 
  • Interpreting and exemplifying assignments to get the knowledge of visual communication in advertising design, and positive impact of visualization for creating brand image through different media. 
  • Defining the creative applications of globally important designs, for the society’s standard and economy, facilitating a professional career ahead.


My daughter's learning at FOD, has been a challenging opportunity that will help decide her life's path."

Parent of a Student at FOD

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Bachelor of Fine Arts (Applied Art) 3,76,00011,500