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Director, School of Architecture & Design

Her research interests are Architecture - Ecology Interface; Eco-cities; Promotion of Eco-materials; Community Based Participatory Research; Future Design and Planning of Smart Cities and Villages & Sustainable Building Rating Systems. She is UNESCO Certified Mentor & MUJ Hub Co-ordinator for Community Based Participatory Research.

Madhura Yadav

Dr Madhura Yadav
Director & Professor, School of Architecture & Design
Manipal University Jaipur

Prof. (Dr.) Madhura Yadav is an Architect-Planner with over 25 years experience. She is Founder Head of the School of Architecture & Design and now Director of SA&D at Manipal University Jaipur. She is one of the founder member in establishing Faculty of Design at Manipal University Jaipur and founder head for Fashion Design, Interior Design and Planning programmes. She is/was on several Committee/Expert Groups set up by Government of India. She is on Jury of various  architectural competitions. She is also on Editorial Board Architecture, Urban Design and Urban Planning India Journals. She has published number of papers in national and international journals and conferences. She is UNESCO certified Mentor for Community Based Participatory Research. She is Indian Green Building Accredited Professional. She has conducted workshops/conferences on Waste Management, Bamboo Architecture, Earthquake Resistant Structures, Sustainable Cities / Buildings, etc. Her current research interests are Architecture - Ecology Interface and Eco-cities, Promotion of Eco-materials and Community Based Participatory Research. She is recipient of Distinguished Faculty in Architecture Award 2017 and Educational Leadership Award 2019.



It is my privilege to welcome you at School of Architecture and Design, Manipal University Jaipur. SA&D sits in the beautiful Pink City Jaipur, in the state of Rajasthan, one of UNESCO’s World Heritage City. Higher Education Digest Architect Magazine recognized SA&D as one of the ten best Architecture Schools in the country.

The School offers:


  • Bachelor of Architecture (05 years)
  • Master of Landscape Architecture (02 years)
  • PhD Programme

The School strives to provide world-class architectural education by coupling state-of-the-art facilities with a dedicated and experienced faculty team and student-centric academic practices. SA&D nurtures interdisciplinary design thinking and its application for the societies. The pedagogy followed at the School is unique as it is the perfect amalgamation of technical, practical, and hands-on work. Fostering innovation, the School houses design studios, where students are trained to solve real-life design problems as a part of their academic training. Moreover, these initiatives also enable students to convert their ideas to their start-up ventures.

Alumni from SA&D continue to impact the design of the built environment worldwide. Our students have consistently been recognized for their outstanding design and intellectual accomplishments at National and International level. The future of the school is bright. We continue to expand our horizons as we collaborate with our talented alumni and partner with other National and International institutions.  

We as a School of budding architects and designers aim to establish a Centre for Excellence in Built Environment, enabling cutting edge research and experiments in the field of the built environment. To support this vision, we have already established a LEED Lab reinforcing the creation of research opportunities. This supports the vision of making the campus of MUJ as a living laboratory, promoting research and experimentation in the field of sustainability. Also, owing to the location, we have a vantage point in understanding the state of Rajasthan, which is one of the richest states in India in terms of its culture and heritage. The School intends to create an archive of heritage documentation for the state and become forerunners in the conservation of cultural landscape and heritage of the region. The School also plans to further promote community-based societal approaches and practices by undertaking research and consultancy projects in lines with the sustainable development goals and smart city mission.

Above all, I want our graduates to be independent and responsive thinkers with moral values, ethical commitment, and a sense of social responsibility to lead the design professions in the societal contexts of the region.


Best Wishes.