Wings-The Aeromodelling Club

Introduction/Objectives of the Club:
Wings is the Aero club of Manipal University Jaipur. The club aims at bringing together aviation enthusiasts from all fields of engineering and assist them in exploring and learning, and thereafter working on innovative projects ranging from RC Planes to multirotors in collaboration with like-minded individuals. 


Events Organized

  • TechIdeate 2K15: Air Show
  • Workshop on fabrication of RC Planes
  • TechIdeate 2K16: Blimp Race. Balloon Destroyer using Quadcopter.
  • Workshop on Quadcopter building
  • Open House and Airshow
  • Workshop on Hangar Rat Glider and Quadcopters
  • TechIdeate 2K17: Quadcopter Race

In the previous semester, four teams from the club consisting of 4 members each participated in the aeromodelling competition organized by Boeing at IIT Kanpur.

Out of these, 3 teams qualified the first round and won cash prizes worth Rs. 15000.


Rules and Regulations

The club also conducts biweekly meetings/classes to teach students topics like basics of Aerodynamics, RC electronics, and other softwares/programs like CATIA, JAVA, Arduino programming etc.


In the upcoming semesters, the club will continue to organize the regular workshops and classes. The major focus will be on making aeromodelling projects which will promote the students to take part in more inter-college competitions.


RegistrationAnnually in the odd semester. No registration tests. Registration Fee- Rs. 500



  • Student Head- Tushar Deshpande Contact no.- +917588280780

Faculty Head Ashish Sharma Contact no.- +919784641279