The club 'SHABD' is formed in order to retain the Indian cultural and lingual identity on campus. Aiming to promote our mother tongue and official working language of India, SHABD aims to educate students about the vibrant literature and century old wisdom conserved profoundly within our national language. Though it be billion dollar industry like Bollywood or an IAS examination, definitely Hindi as a language has successfully left its mark. SHABD aims to preserve the dynamic flow of Hindi language and promote our beautiful traditions as well as culture to its fullest. With intentions to adopt pure Hindi as our lingua franca, SHABD aims to see more and more use of Hindi in official and informal communication or rather as per conditions applied. As far as modus operandi of SHABD is concerned, it is a fully autonomous club directly reflecting the interest of the university and not linked with any School or Department exclusively.


Faculty Coordinator

Dr. Saad Ullah Khan (8979694548)

Co-Coordinator: Ms. Priyanka Yadav (9571272818)


Visiting hours

Monday & Thursday (04:00 pm to 05:00 pm)

Faculty block 3, academic block 2AB, MUJ. Extension No: 590



Student CoordinatorSPresident - Shirin Khan (9982944086)

General Secretary - Yash Raj Maheshwari (9828080641)

Event Coordinators- (1) Ayush Gupta (2) Inderjeet Singh (3) Rohan Bali (4) Vidhushi Singh Chauhan

Advisory-Akshat Gupta (8930082226)



Membership Mode: Open for all and without any Registration Charges.

Registration: Available online and offline.


Activities of CLUB

(1) To organize debates on issues of national, international and lingual interest.

(2) To organize or participate in major cultural events of the University

(3) To make the students aware about the significance of Hindi Language.

(4) To organize workshops and seminars for strengthening Hindi language on campus.

 (5) To organize and commemorate days dedicated to Hindi Language and Mother                             Tongue.

 (6) To participate in all the major events signifying national integration, unity and

Cross-cultural harmony.