Society And You (SAY) CLUB


SAY is a club which is there to connect the society of Manipal together, so that the gap between the students, faculties, departments fills up by the efforts of say core and its members.

It on August 2017 when it got a bigger domain, by not restricting it to only a to reach the whole Manipal society, which is why Economics Trivia was now Society And ), with an all-new vision, principles, calendar and team. Today SAY has more than 180 members connected with it and still growing, which started from a very small number in 2017.



Dr. Oum Kumari, Assistant Professor, Department of Economics

Contact Detail-


SAY Core Members

  • President Yashasvi Sharma/ 7737718027
  • Vice President Bhagyashree 9836644391
  • General Secretary Ria /, 9957706305
  • Treasurer Aryaman Pareek/, 9149304961

Our vision

A society which facilitates community engagement and all round development of students for achieving a prosperous, peaceful and happy life.


Guiding Principles

  • Anyone can join, everyone can contribute.
  • Working of will always according to college rules
  • Discipline and decorum will be always a Priority of
  • To always be with the vision of
  • to foster friendships among students that help individual grow and become a better society


Recent Activities

  • Organized Book swap event in which no. of books were swapped and came into the hands of new readers
  • Visit to Akshay Patra kitchen which is the one of the biggest kitchen in the North India feeding over
  • Visit to Secondary Government school in Pratap Nagar, Jaipur to feed the students the Mid Day Meal and donate some study materials like pencils, erasers, etc.
  • Organized Rajasthan Economics Association 39th annual conference in collaboration with Department of Economics, School of Social Sciences and Humanities.


Upcoming Event

NGO summit on 12th April 2019, where more than 15 NGO will interact with the Manipal students and faculties, where they will get a great opportunity to interact and connect with large no. of NGOs at one place.


SAY Social Connect id’s


Instagram – say_muj

Facebook - saymuj