Autonomous Initiative

Autonomous Initiative (THE ROBOTICS CLUB)

Introduction/Objectives of the ClubThe Robotics Club involves the student community who derive pleasure in creating robots that may even be potent to work without human intervention. The Club was created with the purpose of developing interest in the field of robotics among the student community. The Club will provide workspace, tools, and guidance to interested students apart from taking up specific projects. The Club provides an opportunity to participate in national or international level competitions.


VISIONThe Club aims at making something that has a mind of its own like humans and can do various stuff that a human can do. In other words, to allow people to expand their knowledge, interest, and connection to engineering and science concepts and careers through a hands-on learning atmosphere.



Prof. Anil Sharma, Assistant Professor, +91-9887468945, Email: 



Aarsh Dhingra,



  • Membership Fee (Rs 350 Annually)