Club’s Aim / Objective

To provide a platform for the constructive hobby and give the students of the University a platform to showcase their artwork in the form of Photography, Videography, Graphic and Motion Graphic Design on offline and online medium.



Faculty - Dr. Ram Dayal

Contact No - 9782616007

Email -



Name : Shubham Tiwari

Designation : President

Branch : Electrical

Registration Number : 159107041 Outlook id :

Calling Number : +91 7073842018

Whatsapp Number : +91 7073842015


Name : Shubham Upreti

Designation : General Secretary

Branch : Electrical

Registration Number : 159107042

Outlook id :

Calling Number : +91 7073527261

Whatsapp No : +91 7073527261


Name : Tushar Varma

Designation : Treasurer

Branch : Electronics and Communication

Registration Number :159108139

Outlook id

Calling Number : 9772222757

Whatsapp Number : 9772222757


Name : Dhruv Mehta

Designation : Head of Design and Videography

Branch : Computer and Communication

Registration Number : 159103025

Outlook id :

Calling Number : 9878071632

Whatsapp Number : 9878071632


Name : Mahesh Lone

Designation : Events head

Branch : Mechanical

Registration Number : 159106183

Outlook id :

Calling Number : +91 8237364647

Whatsapp Number : +91 8237364647


Name : Kriti Birda

Designation : Promotions Head

Branch : Electronics and Communication

Registration Number : 159108058

Outlook id :

Calling Number : +91 9950925330

Whatsapp Number : +91 9950925330



MEMBERSHIP MODEOpen to all students of the University; An annual membership fee will be charged to conform to the necessities required by Campus/University Life. 



Whether you are a hobbyist or a professional , joining a club is one of the best ways to improve your skills. The club can also be a good venue for meeting people who share the same interest as yours. You will not only form new friendships, you’ll also have fun while learning new things about a craft that you love.

The members of the club get a friendly learning atmosphere and build their hobby. Many weekly, monthly and yearly activities take place in terms of classes, workshops, photowalks, exhibitions etc.


Club Activities

  • Weekly : Classes on photography, videography, graphic design etc from the very basics.
  • Monthly : Workshops on new trends in different fields of photography, videography and design.
  • Half Yearly and Yearly : Organisation of photowalks and outdoor activities (eg: Different photography techniques, Travel video, documentary making etc.) and Art exhibition for the members to showcase their talent.


  • Sources : 1. Student Registrations 2. College fund allocation(15k~20k)
  • Expenses : Equipments, Workshops and other club activities etc.
  • Limitations : Rs 5000 (without permission) and above 5k with permission.