Club objective

  • To provide an opportunity to learn and gain knowledge about the concepts, which are not a part of the planned syllabus. 
  • To provide the students with a first-hand experience with various skills such as soldering components, PCB etching, assembling of circuits and design & analysis of circuits using professional open source and/or student edition software. 
  • To provide a first-hand experience with both microprocessor and microcontroller development boards such as RaspberryPi and Aurdino development boards. 
  • These skills are mainly aimed to facilitate students in making their own projects so that students get practical experience on how projects are planned and made.



  1. Ms. Pallavi Yarde, Senior Faculty Advisor,; (Ph.) 0141-3999100 Ext. 211; (M) 9950212325 
  2. Dr. Amit Kumar Garg, Faculty Advisor,; (M)7568707248
  3. Mr. Vishal Das, Faculty Advisor,; (Ph) 0141-3999100 Ext. 324; (M)7976055632

Student Office Bearers

  1. President: Samarth Arora (Ph.) +919811995431
  2. Vice President: Paritosh Sinha (Ph.) +919810833871
  3. General Secretary: Praharsh R Dubey (Ph.) +916394796488
  4. Treasurer: Prarabdh Sharma (Ph.) +918554829395


Club Activities

  1. DIY club conducted the Intel Technology Provider PCB Designing Workshop in partnership with Certination, on the 4th and 5th of March, 2017. The topic of the workshop was PCB Designing (EAGLE CAD software, Hands-on PCB manufacturing)  and conducted by trainer - Mr Vikash Bhardwaj (Intel Certified trainer on PCB designing)
  2. Technical Talk by Huawie Technologies.
  3. Workshop on Network Security in partnership with Aptron technologies pvt ltd on 10th October,2018.
  4. Workshop on Blendroid Botix in partnership with Techinest pvt. ltd. on 15th February,2019.
  5. Workshop on Artificial Intelligence using Python in partnership  with Aptron technologies pvt. ltd. and Techideate'19 on 1st March,2019.

Membership Mode

  1. August- for Freshers and existing batch

Registration fEES 

  1. Rs 300/-* per year per member (subject to revision)