for of cinema and theater arts among the youth. 



  • Inculcating the skills related to of cinema and theater, such as writing, direction, sound, acting, editing, set designing etc.
  • Generate a sense of aesthetics among students
  • Providing a source of /clean entertainment for club members as well as the audiences
  • Cultivating the understanding of how cinema & can be agents of social change & progress.



Mr. Rahul Babu Kodali, Assistant Professor, Department of J&MC, SMC



Student office bearers

  • Akash Johnson, President, 9716698330
Club Activities
  • Short films
  • Documentaries
  • Street Plays
  • Stage Plays
  • Musicals

major activities of the club in the last academic Year 



1. Oneiros





2. Performance at Mood Indigo





3. Winning Streetplay at MNIT's cultural fest





4. Sweeped 3/5 awards in MNIT's stageplay competition





5. Hosted our very own theatre fest in the university.



Club Rules
The club is open to all students who are interested in Cinema & theater. No membership fee.
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