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ACM, the Association for Computing Machinery founded in New York on September 15, 1947, is the world’s largest educational and scientific society connecting and convening the researchers, educators, and professionals to apportion resources, inspire discourse and scrutinize and address the field’s challenges.


ACM’s reach extends to every part of the globe, with more than half of its 100,000 members residing outside the U.S. Manipal University Jaipur ACM Chapter was officially chartered by ACM's Chief Operating Officer on December 14, 2015. There are 149 student members and 12 professional members in the MUJ ACM Student Chapter. MUJ-ACM has successfully conducted a series of Workshops, Events and Certification Programmes.




School of Computing and Information Technology, Manipal University Jaipur






Dr. Rajveer Singh Shekhawat,

Director, School of Computing and Information Technology




Dr. Akhilesh Kumar Sharma

Associate Professor, Department of Information Technology




  • Tushar Sadana (Chairman)
  • Anmol Garg(Vice-Chair)
  • Mahainn Somani (Secretary)
  • Tanya (Treasurer)
  • Vidhyanshu (Web Administrator)
  • Shrey (Event Head)
  • Anurag (Editor)
  • Angad (promotion head)
  • Manas (Logistics)
  • Shivam solanki (Photographer)



  • To view upcoming events visit:
  • MUJHacks 2.0, Venue: Old Auditorium, Dome Building, Date: 13 January 2019
  • Annual ACM MUJ Student chapter event Elicit, 2018
  • ACM ESP talk: Blockchain & Crypto-Currency Speaker: Mr.Navin Kabra
  • ERP Talk: Talk on the Topic of ERP by MR. Yashpal Soni, Vice-President and CEO of Khaitan group of industries.
  • Treasure Hunt – A TBT Childhood
  • Mystery Room
  • Introduction to Codeathon & Hackathon
  • Workshop on IoT, in collaboration with Forsk Labs
  • Annual ACM MUJ Student chapter event Elicit, 2018
  • Elicit Carnival
  • Gamer’s Asylum
  • Codeathon
  • ACM ESP talk: Blockchain & Crypto-Currency Speaker: Mr.Navin Kabra
  • Hackathon
  • Write The Night
  • Junkyard Wars
  • Pop-Culture Quiz
  • Technical Quiz
  • Microsoft Workshop on Azure And Cloud Computing And Hackathon
  • Completion of Hacktoberfest
  • ACM Hack-In
  • Power Of Internships and How To Get Them
  • Workshop on GIT
  • Microsoft AI Challenge, and An Introduction to AI
  • Funday-Sunday: Exploring the Options Ahead
  • Funday-Sunday: “Changing the Perspective: How Start-ups Work”
  • Community Groups
  • MUJ ACM SCHAP: Student Teaching Student Mentorship Program
  • Time-Crunch: An IQ and Logic based competition comprising of 2 rounds.
  • Gamer's-Asylum: MUJ’s first ever city level Gaming Event. Official License has been taken from “Valve” for this event.
  • Interactive sessions: Interactive sessions are done with faculty to help and guide them with their problems regarding academics/projects and more.



  • IoT Bootcamp: Workshop covering the entire spectrum of IoT technology including End to End IoT Architecture and Hardware Platforms.
  •   Climber Web Dev: A free for all workshop on Web development and graphic designing by the climber, conducted on 24th November.
  •   Inventrom: Guest Lecture on Internet of Things was conducted by Inventrom India on 5th November 2016.



  • The Manipal University Jaipur ACM Student Chapter won the runner-up award in ACM India Student Best Chapter Awards 2019.