Summer Short Term Courses and Projects

Orientation Programme
Date:  1st June, 2017   at 10.30 am

Venue: Room no. 307/ Academic Block 1 A .




Manipal University Jaipur offering Summer Short Term Courses and Projects for the students of Group Institutions. There are total 13 courses and 19 projects. A minimum of 10 students will be required for a course to commence (in total) including all campuses. The course duration will be June 1 to July 2017.



The last date of receipt of nominations/registration is April 10, 2017.


List of Short-Term Courses

Faculty of Engineering

Faculty of Science

Faculty of

Arts & Law

Faculty of Management & Commerce

Faculty of Design




Semiconductor Device Fabrication and Characterization


Advances in concrete Technology

(Annexure- 2)

Machine Learning & Knowledge discovery

(Annexure- 3)

1) Physico-Chemical & Microbial Analysis of Water (Annexure- 4)


2) Modeling and Simulation(Annexure- 5)


3) Mathematical Modelling and Computational Techniques in Nano fluids (Annexure- 6)

1) Law & Ethics of Life (Annexure- 7)


2) Crime through Camera: Analysing criminal events in a student’s life.(Annexure- 8)

Cooking & Baking

(Annexure- 9)

1) Aesthetics of Cities

(Annexure- 10)


2) Knowledge on Animation

(Annexure- 11)


3) Climate responsive design

(Annexure- 12)


4) Study of walled city of Jaipur

(Annexure- 13)



List of Projects


Faculty of Engineering


Faculty of Science



1) MUJ Campus Connect


2) Community Detection in complex networks


3) Evaluating the performance of Emergency Ad Hoc Networks in disaster Management Scenarios


4) Integration of MUJ Alumni Portal with LinkedIn, Facebook & Google+


5) Implementation of Indian Marriage System in Genetic Algorithm

(Annexure 1)


6) Smart Farming (Annexure 2)


1) Multi agent search for Chemical Source Localization (Annexure 3)


2) Electro-Thermal Simulation of Lithium-Ion Battery Pack for electric vehicle applications


3) Development of 3D model of vehicle component using CATIA software


4) Development of nanocomposites rubber using latex processing approach


5) Characterization of  Strain Harding testing on coated aluminum by metal oxide coating


6) “Simulation and Analysis of Laser Beam machining of Titanium Alloy Using CAE software”


7) Develop an Intelligent Battery Pack for Electric Vehicle (Annexure 4)


8) Development of Bio-nano composite bone scaffold.


9) Microcellular bio-composite for structural applications.


10) Automatic lifting of wheel of four wheeler


11) Conical point drill grinding machine


12) Performance testing of VCR engine with different EGR percentages

1) Graphene coated porous silicon and Si nanoparticles for energy storage application

(Annexure 5)

The information pertaining to syllabi, counseling hours etc. are attached as annexures.


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