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SPICMACAY MUJ is a chapter of the greater SPIC MACAY (Society for the Promotion of Indian Classical Music And Culture Amongst Youth) which is a non-political, nationwide, voluntary movement founded in 1977 by Dr. Kiran Seth, Professor-Emeritus at IIT-Delhi who was awarded the 'Padma Shri' for his contribution to the arts in 2009. In MUJ we strive to work towards the acknowledgement of essence of INDIA by the youth through various events and activites like artist showcase, heritage walks, movie screenings, social engagements,folk art presentation, artist workshops,student art showcase, talks, national and regional conventions etc. Every year,SPICMACAY as a community arranges more than 5000 programs in more than 1500 institutions, across almost 1000 cities, touching over 3 million students. All these programs are organized by thousands of volunteers – largely students, teachers, housewives, retired people, professionals, young and old. SPIC MACAY celebrates Nishkaam Seva - the spirit of volunteerism – of giving selflessly without expectation, a value that is intrinsic to our culture and important to nurture in today's world.



SPIC MACAY is an affirmation of:-

- A priceless cultural heritage SPIC MACAY seeks to conserve and promote an awareness of the rich and heterogeneous cultural tapestry amongst the youth of our country through focus on classical arts, with their attendant legends and philosophy, and to facilitate an awareness of their deeper and subtler values.

- the pulsating and dynamic vitality of young people.  The movement incorporates this vitality to cajole them into being a custodian of what is actually their birthright, namely their heritage, roots, and identity. It seeks to provoke thought and a genuine spirit of inquiry in the young.

- A solid value-based education,  which involves the absorption of aesthetics and spirituality in an increasingly technical, mundane, and competitive world. Thus its work is educational in spirit and character and locates itself largely in educational institutions.

- The effectiveness of voluntary work,  in inculcating a spirit of service. This is, in fact, the hidden agenda of this movement. Volunteers come from all walks of life with varied aspirations and skills. They give some of their time to a cause for the larger good and outside of their immediate self-interest. The emphasis is on participation without hierarchy or formalism.

- The need for a more inspired and holistic perspective in a world bombarded by too much information. A unique feature of the heritage of India is its in-built characteristic of introspection and philosophy that transcends mere intellectualism.

- All that is beautiful, lofty and wholesome, of the sensitive, kind and gentle human being who is inspired and in turn inspires.



Our vision is to give an individual the required experience, perception and adaption through which one can acknowledge the immense beauty of Indian culture taking which one can work towards preservation and promotion of Indian heritage,which also leads towards the growth of an individual in all dimensions.




Dr Anjalee Narayan

Assistant Professor

Department of Arts | School of Humanities & Social Sciences

Contact Details: +91-  9936404393





S.No. Name Reg. No. Post Department Mobile No. Email(only outlook)  
1 Anshit Dhawan 189403017 President Mechtaronics Engineering 9013813708
2 Suheil Qureshi 189102009 General Secretary Civil Engineering 9604547949
3 Vibhakar Gupta 189301098 Treasurer Computer Science Engineering 9868012791
4 Vinayak Vaidyanathan 189202076 Chapter Representative Electronics and Communication Engineering 8130878033
5 Atishi Jain 199302030 Theme and Design head IT 8755733763
6 Aditi Rao 199302208 Events and Stage head IT 9166099101
7 Jeevanshi Bansal 209302038 Promotions head IT 8968517826
8 Aryan Chitale 209202167 Creative and Content Head Electronics and Communication Engineering 9768171027
9 Harshit Gupta 199302146 Logistics Head IT 9177422449



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