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Introduction/Objectives of the Club:

E-cell of Manipal University Jaipur, is a non-profit student driven organization dedicated to lit up the spirit of entrepreneurship and promoting it. With mind numbing competitions, innovative strategies and multitudinous national workshops, this is a perfect place that brings a rush of adrenaline that only a peculiar business can ever bring. We at Entrepreneurship Cell, believe in hard work, dedication, team work and unquenched thirst for success. Join us, to find yourself in a brotherhood of ideation and innovation, with people who love nothing more than the thrill of coming up with ideas, working them out into businesses and experiencing the thrill of watching it come alive. With our motto of," Turning Imagination into Reality" Come and Join us to unsheathe the brilliance of your mind and to bring out the person who you really are. 



The E- Cell of Manipal University Jaipur, is a platform of multidimensional vision and prospects. It is a place where likeminded people converge to create a huge impact with their consistent effort. Student members are endowed and enthused to action by the finest and most successful entrepreneurs in a vast diversity of industries.The main objective of E-Cell is to inspire and ignite entrepreneurship among students, while offering open and friendly environment to exchange their ideas. We also help student to create networks with the support of faculty with successful entrepreneurs. The club has had the legacy of executing to do attitude.


Upcoming Events


  • E-Conclave (Entrepreneurship Fest) 
  • IPR (intellectual Property Right)
  • GI (Geographical Indicators) Workshop


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Membership Mode

To be a part of this club, follow the link https://goo.gl/ebHtQ5