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Manipal University Jaipur ensures the holistic well-being of its students. Besides its superb academic environment, the University has many opportunities for the promotion of overall development of its students, facilitating the social leadership, personal well-being, developing high moral values and sound life skills among students. The soul of university life is the fraternities on the campus Directorate of Student’s Welfare that becomes a surrogate family for students, helping them grow and explore latent talents in all aspects. Student welfare comprises all the work that support and help to develop the well-being of the students. DSW coordinates different activities of Social Connect, Clubs, Campus, Discipline, Sports, Cultural Events and Counseling. A strong tradition of clubs that attract students from all departments and schools is to facilitate the students of all streams to come closer and to work as a team to organize and execute big events, disciplines, cutting across schools, courses, and nationalities. Social upliftment, Environmental Conservation, Social awareness and technical solutions are some of the many projects which faculty and students take up together as a team in MUJ. University organizes societal welfare programs such as blood donation camps, plantation campaigns and awareness rallies at regular intervals to inculcate moral values in all students and develop the feeling of oneness of individual and their environment; for same cause university has adopted more than 5 nearby villages with aim to enhance awareness among the villagers regarding Health, Hygiene and sanitation under a programme. Prominent units that determine the effective functioning of university are formed, in which students are major contributors. It helps in solving issues of students in a democratic set up by bridging the gap between University administration and the students. In Student Council, Academic Council, Library Advisory Committee and Class Committee, students are given an opportunity of representation and participation in the student welfare activities, while ensuring a congenial learning environment on the campus.







Mr Hemant Kumar

Assistant Director, Society Connect

Manipal University Jaipur

Ext. No. 327 Contact NO. +91 9828565268