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MUJ’s exemplary self-sustainability and retail ecosystem

ByTeam MUJDecember 05, 2018

Manipal Jaipur University (MUJ) provides a unique environment for students to grow under the guidance of experienced academicians. They acquire industry-knowledge at the end of their courses. Education at MUJ isn’t just about books and classrooms, but about students becoming holistic individuals and enjoying college life in the process.

The university boasts of a world-class infrastructure, and this definitely doesn’t just mean that students have access to a sprawling campus and state-of-the-art classrooms. It means that outside of their academic life, they have so much more in the form of spacious hostels, multiple sports facilities messes, libraries and a whole host of facilities they can avail of in their day-to-day lives. In fact, the campus is so self-sufficient, that students have very little need to leave the premises at all.

MUJ even has its own retail ecosystem in place with multi-cuisine restaurants, cafeterias, laundrettes, stationery stores, grocery shops, tuckshops, medical and general stores, ATMs and travel agents right on campus. The range of the services on campus is extremely diverse, and it is rare that students will be left lacking in anything they need. These outlets are equipped to serve students and staff members all through the year.

The 18 restaurants on campus serve lip-smacking cuisines. The joints are very popular among students for their authentic pizzas, pasta, creamy coffee, and flavourful Chinese and Indian food. All the restaurants serve food made from the finest and freshest of ingredients, ensuring that it is healthy in addition to being delicious. The staff manning all the retail outlets is trained in excellent customer service and is always eager to help out staff members and students, alike.

MUJ’s excellent retail set-up is manned by the university’s Chief Officer of Administration and the corresponding teams. They leave no stone unturned to ensure that the quality of the products retailed on campus matches the high-quality standards that MUJ upholds itself against. We believe that quality education isn’t just about academics but also about the application of knowledge, sports, hobbies and most importantly, great peace of mind. Our campus reflects this, and resultantly so do our students.