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Manipal University Jaipur: A glimpse at the past and the present

ByTeam MUJJanuary 14, 2019

Across the globe, anyone who values knowledge has always held education in India in the highest regard. And rightly so, if you consider India’s contribution to the world of science, mathematics, art and so many other fields.

Any discussion about India’s prolific universities and college sphere isn’t complete without more than a mention of The Manipal Education Group, with its heritage of excellence in higher education for over 65 years. It is little wonder, then, that the group believes in healthy and educated citizens as a pre-requisite for an enlightened society. In line with this philosophy, MUJ has always taken responsibility of the community at large to provide the best of education to all.

The Karnataka-based group launched Manipal University Jaipur in 2011 on invitation from the Government of Rajasthan as a self-financed State Private University. With its humble beginnings in residential flats located near its present location, it has evolved into a gigantic, respected institution of higher learning.

The university began with an enrollment of just 260 students and 33 faculty members in its first year, including five branches of engineering. In just a year, it shifted to its present 122-acre campus and has added multiple more courses for study and disciplines.

Currently, Manipal University Jaipur has grown exponentially, with 50 under-graduate, post-graduate and PhD programs shaping the minds of over 8000 students. The faculty number, too, is 475 strong, with over half the members holding PhD degrees.

Today, MUJ’s management keenly follows the vast development in the field of higher education. Research and innovation are buzzwords here, with great emphasis placed on new projects being undertaken by faculty and students.

In fact, apart from just students, MUJ’s involvement and responsibility towards the community permeates to the deepest level, whether it is to educate under-privileged children through scholarships or to provide the employment opportunities to the local population. It is accurate to say that MUJ has impacted positively the lives of students and other stakeholders around the university campus.

So where does MUJ go from here? To ambitious places, of course.

The university wants to see its vision of being global leaders in higher education and human development through. It has undertaken several initiatives towards achieving this end amongst the top 100 universities in the country over the next five years. Globally, too, it aims to be in the top 50 universities over the next ten years.

Indeed, the management is inspired by life itself and is excited to contribute its best in the most important aspects of a student’s life: by imparting the gift of education.