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Computer and Communication Engineering – A Program Crafted to Inspire Future

ByDr. Anshuman KallaApril 23, 2020

Computer and Communication Engineering – A Program Crafted to Inspire Future



Today, undoubtedly and inevitably, the world is undergoing complete digital transformation since digitization has immense potential to uplift the quality-of-life. Gone are those days when big computing machines were housed at centralized locations that had limited connectivity to provide access to restricted few people. Cloud computing technology has brought computing facility at our fingertips. In near future, thanks to Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things(IoT), Web Technologies, Network Security, 4G and upcoming 5G wireless technology; we would expect every tiny little thing around us to have computing and communication capability. This would lead to the evolution of communication from human-to-machine to machine-to-machine communication. Moreover, machines are being trained to work intelligently and precisely, using machine learning algorithms. Thus, one could quickly understand how crucial is the role of computing and communication technologies is in our life. In the coming days, their role is going to be increasingly important. 

Computer and Communication Engineering (CCE) Program

Nowadays, it is difficult the categorize any machine as merely a computing device or a communicating device. In fact, devices are both computing as well as communicating. So, the two fields cannot be dealt with or studied in silos. The consistent feedback received from Industry Leaders insists on forming a perfect blend of IoT, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Web technology, Data Communications, Wireless Communications, etc. MUJ has named this amalgamation as Computer and Communication Engineering. Therefore, BTech-CCE is a uniquely crafted program where students get the opportunity to study all the innovative and exciting technologies under one umbrella. The program has received tremendous response from student community and great selections from Industry. Students grabbed offers from IT giants like Mircosoft, Dell, Value Labs, Nagarro, Goldman Sacs, Erricson, Accenture, MindTree, TCS, IBM, Wipro, BirlaSoft, etc. For more information, click here!

A typical life cycle of CCE student


The program is offered by one of the three departments of the School of Computing and Information Technology (SCIT) at Manipal University Jaipur. 

The program gives an extra edge to its scholars while they apply for specialized PG programs such as MS/MTech in Artificial Intelligence, IoT, Network Security, Human-Machine Interactions, Intelligent devices, etc.