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Guidelines for Processing all type of Certificates:


Dear Students,




It is advised to all concerned to adhere the following guidelines for Application/Processing of all type of Certificates: 


a). Students who have not undergone the no dues/clearance formalities are advised to get their No dues cleared before applying for the Original Degree Certificate at the earliest.


b). Students are advised to follow the below link to download the application form and make the online payment for the same. Despatching of original documents also shall be done through courier; hence courier charges also must be borne by the applicant. Charges for the domestic and international courier for other certificates would be ₹ 300/- and ₹ 1500/- respectively. For the degree certificates, domestic courier charges shall be ₹ 600/-. Entire payments mentioned above (including documents/courier) need to be made online (through UPI/Paytm)


c). Once the payment is confirmed its receipt along with the application form duly filled by the candidate, must be mailed to for processing the same.


Link for downloading the application form - Application Formats   


d). We assure that the students shall be replied or communicated or shared the updates on the application process/completion within 48 working hours from the receipt of their application.






Required Documents  / Procedure



Official Transcript

 (Academic Consolidated Statement)

Rs. 500

1. Application Form duly forwarded by the concerned  HoD

2.  Original fee payment receipt.



Additional Official Transcript

 (Academic Consolidated Statement)

Rs. 100/Copy



Provisional Pass Certificate

Rs. 200



Migration Certificate

Rs. 100



Make  Up Application

Rs. 1000/Course

Online form submission after Notification


Courier/ Postage Charges

Rs. 300 (Within India)

Rs. 1500 (Outside India)

Original fee payment receipt

07 Duplicate /Reissue Original Degree Rs. 1000  

a.  Original affidavit in a Rs. 100  stamp paper

b.  FIR of the relevant document lost.

08 Duplicate/Reissue Migration Rs. 100

a.  Original affidavit in a Rs. 100 stamp paper

b.  FIR of the relevant document lost.

09 Duplicate/Reissue
Grade Sheets
Rs. 100 each

a.  Original affidavit in a Rs. 100 stamp paper

b.  FIR of the relevant document lost.

10 Equivalence Certificate - Click Here
11 Courier/ Postage Charges for Degree Certificate Rs.600( 2020 Degree Certificate) Original fee payment receipt
12 Certificate for MLC   Click Here
13 GPA And CGPA Calculation Process   Click Here
14 Migration Equivalent    Click Here