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A. Swayam online courses


Operational Guidelines for SWAYAM Coordinator/Mentor SWAYAM Coordinator/Mentor are requested to undertake the following: -


1.  Provide the link of SWAYAM Portal ( on the university/College website.

2.  Kindly check whether your university has adopted MOOCs Courses for Credit Transfer. If not, then request the university to adopt the MOOCs Courses offered on SWAYAM Platform as per the UGC (Credit Framework for online courses through SWAYAM) Regulations 2016. A step by step procedure involved in adoption of MOOCs course by University is enclosed for your reference.

3.  Encourage more and more students from your respective University/College for MOOCs Course registration and spread awareness by displaying the list of UG & PG MOOCs Courses at prominent places i.e. University/college Notice Board, Canteen, Mess, Hostel, Main gate of University/college.

4.  Monitoring the progress of students who have registered on SWAYAM Platform from your University/College.

5.  Ensure timely submission of assignments by the Students before due date.

6.  Ensure students registration for examination once the SWAYAM Portal is open for exam registration.

7.  Provide the link of ( soft copy of the poster, radio jingles & TVCs (in 10 Indian languages) prepared by UGC on the University Website.

8.  Create awareness about the UG & PG MOOCs Courses being offered on the SWAYAM Platform, through the Social Media: -

i.  Create a Facebook/twitter/ Instagram Page of your university for SWAYAM Courses and provide the link of Facebook/twitter/ Instagram Page on your university notice board and other prominent places so that it reaches students. along with UGC official twitter account: @ugc india and MHRD official twitter account: @HRDMinistry.

ii.  Share the SWAYAM Courses details on these Social networking pages by tagging along UGC official twitter account: @ugc_india and MHRD official twitter account: @HRDMinistry.

iii.  Send Press releases to your local newspapers regarding the SWAYAM Courses.


Click Here to download Operational Guidelines for SWAYAM Coordinator Mentor


B. Coursera online courses


About Coursera


Coursera was founded in 2012 by two Stanford computer science professors with a vision to provide anyone, anywhere with access to the world’s best education. Today, Coursera has expanded to reach more than 48 million people and 2,200 businesses around the world. On Coursera you can find online courses, Specializations, certificates and degrees from 200 world-class universities and companies, including: Yale, University of Pennsylvania, Google, IBM, and more.




  • Manipal University Jaipur is running “Coursera@MUJ” program from January 2019. We have provided 3000 learner licenses to our students and faculty at free of cost.
  • 675 courses completed by Faculties.
  • 8229 courses completed by Students.
  • Credit Based Courses
  • Total MUJ Courses: 07 (1 CSE; 1 CCE; 1 ME; 1 AU; 2 IT; 1 Bioscience)
  • 4 Department Elective & 3 Core Courses.
  • 12 Coursera Courses mapped to these MUJ courses.
  • 17 Faculties were involved in this Credit Based Courses.


Click Here to download guidelines about how to access coursera.