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Sustainable Development Goals - 12


Goal 12 focuses on effectively reducing and managing waste, promoting sustainable lifestyles, and managing natural resources sustainably. The focus of the Manipal University Jaipur is to reduce operational waste on campus. One of the most vital cultures to be taught and promoted globally is the sustainable management of resources. Manipal University Jaipur believes in responsible consumption and production for economic growth and focuses on the environment and natural resources but also entails better utilization of waste. Manipal University Jaipur has segregated the wastes into various categories for a proper waste management disposal and purchase policy that is environment friendly. Manipal University buys useful products and implements energy-saving schemes from them while preventing wastage, and pollution due to unsegregated waste and instead finds means of conserving our natural resources, air, water, soil, and biodiversity, which are vital for our health and well-being. The current waste management policies and regulations in India especially the Solid Waste Management Rules 2016 in coordination with other Rules on Plastics, Construction and Demolition, E-waste point exactly in this direction.

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