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S. No  Event Description Detailed Report
1.  Webinar Probing the matter beyond five senses CLICK HERE
2. Science Awareness Camp at Government Senior Secondary School, Bagru CLICK HERE
3. A learning story at ANTS Technical aspect of commercialization of Ceramic processing CLICK HERE
4. Faculty Development Program on “Advanced Nanomaterials, Nanotechnology & Applications (FDP-ANNA 2020) CLICK HERE
5. Foreign student internship through IAESTE CLICK HERE
6. Industrial Academic Visit  to R I Nanotech CLICK HERE
7. Invited industrial talk Cost Effective Raman and Universal Spectroscopy in India CLICK HERE
8. Invited talk Chalcogenide Nanomaterials and their applications CLICK HERE
9. Invited talk Descriptors for predicting efficient dye-sensitized semiconductor photocatalysts for Hydrogen Evolution Reaction CLICK HERE
10. Invited talk High power terahertz generation and its application CLICK HERE
11. Invited talk Nanofluodic Devices Fluidic Diodes and Fluidic FETs CLICK HERE
12. One-day International On-line Webinar Current Pandemic and Beyond A Physicists Response CLICK HERE
13. Report on Collaborative visit in Flinders University Adelaide Australia CLICK HERE
14. Prof Gunther Andersson an endowment chair at Manipal University Jaipur CLICK HERE
15. Industry Talk on XRD system of Mr. Taisuke Yoshiki  from Rigaku Corporation, Japan CLICK HERE
16. Invited talk  Energy storage Materials-efforts at Hiroshima University, Japan CLICK HERE
17. REPORT ON VISIT TO JAPAN Short term research fellowship under endowment fund by Dr. Sushil Kumar Jain CLICK HERE
18. Report on Online Workshop Titled Online Teaching & E-Content by Dr. Sushil Kumar Jain CLICK HERE
19. MOU between MUJ with industry RIIII and RINZTECH New Zealand CLICK HERE
20. Webinar On Black is the New Beautiful by Prof. Anoop Kr. Mukhopadhya CLICK HERE
21. Report on International Conference on Multifunctional Nanomaterials (ICMN2020) CLICK HERE
22. Report on International Conference on International Academy of Physics Sciences (CONIAPS XXVI) CLICK HERE
23. Outreach Activity Awareness About The Digital India and Skill India CLICK HERE
24. Online Workshop on Prospects of Experiential Learning in Materials Physics CLICK HERE
25. Webinar On X-ray scattering studies of BaTiO3 based ferroelectrics CLICK HERE
26. Webinar On Photonic Crystals Oscillators CLICK HERE
27. Enlightening The Light Beyond A Century: 100 Years Of Photoelectric Effect by Prof. H C Verma CLICK HERE