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S. No  Event Description Detailed Report
1. Webinar on Data Science for Prediction of Outbreak of COVID-19 by Pankaj Nagar CLICK HERE
2. Webinar on Cyber Forensics Investigation: Process and Tools by Prof. Vikas Pareek CLICK HERE
3. Webinar on Group Discussion Strategies by Mr. Shamsunder Malgikar CLICK HERE
4. Webinar on Placement Point of View of C Programming by Prof. Surendra Kumar Yadav CLICK HERE
5. Webinar on Quantum Computing by Prof. Nisheet Joshi CLICK HERE
6. Webinar on Cloud Computing and its Environmental by Dr. Shubhi Lall Agarwal CLICK HERE
7. Webinar on Role of Hackathon in Student by Prof. Brojo Krishore Mishra CLICK HERE
  8. INDUSTRY TALK : How to Kickstart your Career in Penetrating and Bug Bounty in 2021 CLICK HERE
9. Industry Talk on Hack Now. Learn How? CLICK HERE