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The Faculty of Design started in 2012, with its founding batch of architecture student at Manipal University Jaipur. Faculty of Design is committed to the new educational model inspired by the idea of design and innovation as transformative forces in society. Parents, Students, Researchers, Educators, Collaborators, Promoters, Investors and Developers are welcome to experience and become the part of preferred destination in Design Education and Research in India.

Design industry is one of the fastest growing industry of 21st Century. Hence the demand for skilled designers has increased in last few decades. Manipal University Jaipur intends to nurture it as one of its core strengths and grow it as ‘Faculty of Design’ with a mission to become the most preferred global destination in Design Education and Research for students, researchers, faculty, collaborators, promoters, investors and developers.

Manipal University Jaipur is reknowned for it's best in-class infrastructure that nurtures design education with best in class facilities and a modern library. In line with Manipal Group’s legacy of providing quality education to its students, Faculty of Design is continuously developing the latest science and technology infrastructure to impart professional education in the form of wide range of dedicated laboratories and workshops.

The Faculty of Design defines design as a triangle of an exploratory, explanatory and logical process that includes creativity through the availability of design, and innovation through latest technology. The combination of Design (for communication), Art (for creation) and Science (for innovation) to develop a product, are the foundation of the framework, program and curriculum at Faculty of Design.

Four departments devoted to education & research in Architecture, Planning, Fashion & Jewellery Design, Interior Design and Fine arts are envisaged to mark strong presence of MUJ in design education globally.



  • To become the most preferred global destination in Design Education and Research for students, researchers, faculty, collaborators, promoters, investors and developers
  • To facilitate research based design education with state of the art infrastructural facilities
  • To promote students’ growth and self-development through internships, guest lectures, industry -sponsored projects, and opportunities for experiential learning
  • To equip students with the competence to rise to the global standards and changing trends at different levels of creative fields
  • To synergise the Design Schools to create a spirit of multidisciplinary contributions for excellence in education and research.



  • Simulation Lab – Feel of the magnitude and quality of spaces designed on the drawing boards
  • Climatology Lab –  Feel of the climatic parameters as they affect human comfort
  • Material Lab – Physical appreciation of materials and technologies
  • GIS Lab – Collect, Analyse, Research, Develop, Implement, and Monitor the Spatial data and its display in different formats
  • Surveying and Photogrammetry Lab -  Production of spatial data
  • Visual Arts Studio -  Sensitisation of students towards aesthetics
  • Digital Model Making Workshop – Physical Visualisation of forms with design process
  • Computer Applications Lab –  Fostering excellence and efficiency in design process
  • Fashion Illustration Lab
  • Dying and Printing Lab
  • Garment Construction Lab
  • Pattern Making Lab
  • Resource Centre.